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Welcome to SVEYE

Irelands Eoin MorganWelcome to SVEYE. As an innovative organisation we are committed to the improvement and performance of top class as well as aspiring athletes. To this end we are pleased to be one of the first optical companies to offer on-line visual exercises. These exercises have been specifically designed to optimise your vision, leading to quicker reaction times, greater concentratrion levels and all round visual awareness.

Improve your performance

We believe that the vision of an athlete is an integral part of their optimum performance. The exercises take between 5 and 20 minutes per day and are monitored daily and tailored according to your performance. The specific exercises that you require for your sport are advised according to its demands on your vision. At twenty minutes per day, and with the possibility of improving your performance. How committed are you?

Wide range of clients

With clients ranging from international athletes (cricket, golf, tennis, hockey to name but four) to aspiring athletes, or purely those seeking to maximise their own individual ability at club or past time level, SVEYE provides a service essential to game improvement.


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What are Customers Saying?

With the drills and exercises we were given by SVEYE we worked hard at improving our catching and fielding statistics."

Adrian Birrell - Irish Coach