Below are a selected number of people who we believe can help prove your performance through their different skill sets. There is a link to their website where you can read more about what they do.

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Specific Eye Wear for You

We have an extensive range of sports eye wear. Our technology helps us to tailor the eye wear to your specific needs. Our hope is that you will forget that you are even wearing it. Our aim is to improve your performance You can find out more at: More >>

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Optometrists Software

sveye sportsoft

Having specialised in the area of Sport Vision, sometimes Optometrists are at a loss as to how to further enhance their practice services with their new found qualification. sveye sportsoft provides not only the answer but also a number of benefits to… More >>

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Bevis Moynan - Magentacs

Bevis has had a varied background in Sport, Business and Coaching providing him with real life experience to draw on and use in his delivery of his achievement based training/coaching. Bevis works to train and coach teams and individuals in a… More >>

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Stuart Lierich - Founder & Head Coach at The Rugby Kicking Institute

Stuart Lierich is an internationally regarded Specialist Kicking & Catching Coach who is active at all levels of participation & competition. Stuart's methodology is an evidence based approach to building sound kicking technique & optimising… More >>

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Jamie Donaldson - AimPoint

AimPoint Green Reading , aiming and speed control coach on all professional golf tours - Jamie Donaldson richard mille replica More >>

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chinrite is a unique training and posture aid that allows you to "see" an extension of your chin - thereby allowing you to actually monitor the movement and position of your head during any activity. Through peripheral vision, chinrite enables you to keep… More >>

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