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a trained in the area of sports vision, profiles the athletes' eyes to find any visual errors that may affect their performance. Some deficiencies such as colour deficiency may not be able to be corrected, but we can advise on ways to enhance your vision to improve performance. Sport vision advice is given regarding the best visual correction products, visual training aids, and visual techniques designed to Rolex Replica Watches provide performance from the athlete through their vision.Whilst this is of course specific to the individual, it is also specific to the sport and in many cases, to that individual's position within their sport.

To stay competitive athletes require optimum performance from their entire body, including their eyes. At sveye we aim to develop three key visual skills through sport vision, some of which are recognised within the world of optometry and others that are unique to sveye, having been developed specifically by us. Contrast Sensitivity - enabling the individual to see fine details from a distance e.g. the contours on a golf course.

Dynamic Visual Acuity - clear vision when running or when stationary, so that you can see obstacles, opponents, or teammates.

Focus Flexibility - retain a ball in sharp focus as it moves away or toward you.

What many people take for granted and assume, is that their eyesight is in no need of correction. However if you answer yes, to any of the following questions then sveye could provide the key to unlocking your true potential.

Do you use any visual aid? For competing? For training?

Do you have difficulty keeping your eye on a moving object?

Do you notice variations during your performance?

Does your performance fall off early or late?

Is your performance the same for night as for day, for cloudy or clear competition?

Do you have other visual difficulties when performing?

Do you experience loss of concentration when performing?

Each sport has different visual skills. In some sports picking up a fast moving object quicker will give an athlete an edge. In other sports, peripheral vision or seeing the whole picture better will give an athlete an advantage. At sveye we create an individual visual training system for your specific sport. By training your eyes to see better for the skills you require, you can gain a competitive advantage over your competition.

Very few athletes spend any time training their eye and are indeed unaware of Rolex Replica sport vision as a specialism in sports performance. They train every other muscle in the body except the eye. Vision is both a learned and developed skill, and of all the movement skills required in sports, vision is the last skill to be fully replicas relojes developed and the first to break down in performance. As the eye leads, the body will follow. The eye can be trained through sport vision just like any other muscle in the body to improve reaction to what they see and how the brain and body reacts.

Through the specifically designed training exercises available on our web site and following consultation with a sport vision optometrist, you can teach your eyes to focus, locate and centre properly to reduce fatigue,Cheap Breitling Replica lead to increased concentration, improved eye stamina and subsequently higher levels of performance. These exercises have been used by sveye in conjunction with top level sportsmen and women including Premiership Football squads, European PGA Tour winners, Davis Cup tennis players and international cricketers as well as many other sports Breitling Replica Cartier Replica Watches.