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Here is a list of our (past and present) Clients and Testimonials

Newcastle United FC

Aston Villa FC

Norwich City FC

Stoke City FC Academy

Shay Given- Premier League goalkeeper

Padraig Harrington - Open Champion 2007,2008 US PGA Champion 2008

Branden Grace - European Tour Winner

Darren Clarke - Open Champion 2011

Alex Levy - European Tour Player

Gareth Shaw - Alps Tour Winner 2012

Eoin Morgan - England and Middlesex

Middlesex CCC (County Championship Division 2 Champions 2011)

GUI Golfing Union of Ireland

ICU Irish Cricket Union

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PGA Professionals

European Tour Players

Elite Amateur Golfers

Premiership Footballers

International Rugby Players

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Dr Ian McGuinness

In looking at the vision of an athlete sveye leave no stone unturned with their attention to detail. With the Hublot Replica technology they use in the testing and subsequently provide to the players for visual training, they deliver a first class service that is matched by their ongoing commitment to achieve the best performance for the players.

Their reports and recommendations for each player, based on results specific to playing position, were a perceptive and useful resource to the management team.

You are assured of a highly professional and fully committed service from sveye which could prove invaluable.

I have no hesitation in recommending the services of sveye, in whichever sport you may be involved.

Dr Ian McGuinness: International and Premiership football doctor

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I am delighted to recommend sveye to any (professional) athlete who is serious about their performance. I have been very impressed with the quality of service that is provided by their highly qualified staff and by the professional nature of how they deal with clients. This is not just an eye test, sveye provide a thorough clinical and practical examination of the vision that is necessary for your profession. Panerai Replica Whether that be football, rugby, cricket, golf or motor sport, the vision demands and contrasts are all different and sveye will show you what your strengths and weaknesses are and provide you with an individualised plan of sight exercises and vision aids to enhance your sports vision.AAA Tag Heuer Replica Watches By sharpening your Cartier Replica Watches vision with sveye, you will take your performance to a new level altogether.
Jonathan Bloomfield PhD ASCC (Performance Consultant)

European Tour - PGA Professionals

Susan Park of sveye has worked throughout Europe in professional sports over the last 5 years with Taylormade Adidas, sports agents, and nearly 125 European PGA Tour Professionals (including 5 former Ryder Cup players and two major winners). Here is just a small selection of what some of them have had to say.

  • I have done some sport vision training in the past, but the testing and approach taken by sveye is better, far more detailed and much more specific than my previous experience.Tag Heuer Replica I know what I have been told is directly related to my eyes and how they work and what is the best for me based on the extensive testing and observation of my play.

  • "I am more aware of my surroundings and less distracted by other stuff going on around me. My concentration is about 85% better after just 6 weeks"

  • My short game has improved ridiculously in terms of long putts, and in particular chipping from 20-30 yards and in

  • I have just hit 17 greens in regulation. That is the best Cartier Replica tip I've ever been given

  • Gareth Shaw

    Everyone is always looking for wee things to help you improve and take you to the next level. For me what sveye have helped me with has been a huge thing and has helped improve my game dramatically. My eye line played a significant part in the development of my AAA Panerai Replica Watches game and sveye with their thorough testing and detailed observation of the way I used my eyes on the course have improved that area dramatically. My exercises and drills have been based on my results from the testing and I know they benefit me along with the which I would not have got but for sveye.

    ICU Irish Cricket Union

    "Coming from South Africa I had heard about sport vision and I understood the importance of good vision in sport, I knew in order to compete at the very highest level everything has to be the best it can be and none more so than our sight."

    Cartier Replica Watches "With the drills and exercises we were given by sveye we worked hard at improving our catching and fielding statistics.The enhanced vision with our sunglasses also helped a great deal in the bright sunshine"
    Adrian Birrell - Irish Cricket Coach

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    Gareth Berg - Middlesex CCC

    Susan Park, sveye, assessed my vision performance at the start of the season. It was the most extensive testing that I have had. I had experienced something similar in South Africa but the tests were much more specific and detailed.

    The visual exercises based on my specific visual requirements, have been instrumental in bowling better lines and more consistently. Cartier Replica My reactions have been quicker and I have caught balls that before I do not believe I would even have got a hand to. The visual exercises have been easily incorporated into my routine before training Copy Tag Heuer Watches and matches. I have continued to do them even when out injured.
    I have adapted my head position for both Cartier Replica Watches batting and fielding, based on the information and advice from sveye following the visual tests, to get the very best from my visual performance system. Peripheral movement distracts me less, and I find it much easier to fully focus at crucial moments of the game.
    I have worn sunglasses in the past but having a pair that I know were bespoke fitted for me by sveye, specific to my needs, fills me with confidence when wearing them. My vision is consistently at a relaxed level with no straining making it easier to focus and enhancing the capability of my visual performance system.
    Gareth Berg, Middlesex CCC, Italy