Golfers: How important is vision to your game?

It is not uncommon for people to fly into Northern Ireland to go through an sveye Consultation (we are 15 minutes from George Best Belfast City Airport).

However, sveye carry out sport vision work throughout the UK & Ireland. In the very near future we hope to have network of sveye Consultants working throughout the UK & Ireland using our unique sveye sport:soft software.


Do you see breaks clearly?

Does the weather affect how you see breaks? (i.e. do you read greens better on a sunny day, overcast day, rainy day etc)

Do you putt better or worse at the start, in the middle, or at the end of a round?

Does surrounding noise or movement when putting easily distract you?

puretimeWhen you stand over the ball ready to take Breitling Replica your putt, does the line of the putt seem different than when you stood behind the ball?

Would you have a tendency to over or under putt on certain distances? (e.g. on putts over 10/20/30 feet, I always under/over putt).


Do you have difficulty picking a line to hit drives?

When you square off to hit the shot, do you shift direction slightly because the line from over the ball is different?

Do your eyes (on bright days) squint in bunkers due to the glare off the sand?


If you wear sunglasses, have they been fitted to your specific requirements and based on your individual Visual Performance System? Like a golf shaft,

If you wear contact lenses have they been fitted specifically for you to play golf in or simply as a visual correction?

Have your eyes been tested in differing light conditions?

Did you know that you could train the muscles in your eyes the same way that you train other muscles in your body?


A sport vision consultation is Cartier Replica Watches more than just an eye test. (Several of the test results may in fact tell us that you need a full eye test Montre Replique.) We may be able to pinpoint when in a round you are likely to under perform, in which case we can tell you what to do and how to avoid this.

We are committed to improving your game so long as you are committed as well. With the sveye 2 to 1 (TM) Golf Routine, we know you will see a positive difference in your performance.

Whether you are a professional, elite amateur or amateur golfer, if this is an area of sports performance that you wish to investigate further, please feel free to contact us:

Register your details on our and we can let you know when an sveye Consultant is available in your area and/or n your area.

Tel: 0044 2891 454141

Mob: 0044 7753 688656

Twitter: @sveye2020


For PGA Teaching Professionals interested in hosting replique montre de luxe a clinic at your club or academy please contact us on: 0044 7753688656

and we can discuss your requirements.

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