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13th January, 2014

9 Years of Development and Excellence

Since our inception in 2005 we have expanded our client list immensely. In football we currently work with four Premier League football clubs and in golf with a number of leading European Tour players.

Our first "big" client was the Irish Cricket team, who won the hearts of many nations with their performances at the Cricket World Cup 2007. They were the first to use our on-line visual exercises back in January 2006, improving their concentration, ability to focus and ocular acuity. They improved their hand-eye reaction time by between one and two tenths of a second, on our Visual Performance Enhancer. It came as no surprise then that they were one of the best fielding teams in the competition.

sveye has established itself as the leading sport vision consultants in the UK and Ireland. We have contributed to the improvement in performance of amateur and professional sports people in a wide range of sports. sveye provided the first visual exercise program available on-line and are still the leading provider of on-line visual exercises. Our unique testing is continually reviewed to ensure our clients are able to reach their full potential through completing challenging visual exercises.

sveye sportsoft was developed in 2008 by our qualified sport vision optometrist.It makes the profiling of athletes easier, it adds professionalism to the service offered and makes time management of the optometrist more effective. It is a bespoke piece of software with 15 visual tests relating specifically to, and analysed in the context of, the individual, the sport played, the position played and the level to which they play.

It then gives the schedule of exercises, required by that athlete, to improve and enhance their sporting performance.

Our website has had registration of interest from throughout the UK and Europe, USA, Canada, South Africa, Asia and Australia.

We are excited at commencing work with new clients in 2014 and bringing our experience to new sports in the near future.

Thank you for your continued interest, we promise to keep developing our expertise in sports vision, sports performance you can see.

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