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31st January, 2014

sports specific and online visual exercises

Visual exercises have been proven to enhance the visual system of elite athletes. Like all training programs it is essential that training aids performance. Footballers go to the gym to work on their strength and fitness but also attend training sessions at the training pitch. The same principal should be applied to visual training. Not only has


developed visual exercises that can be done anywhere at any time, but we have also found drills that can be incorporated into sports training

sveye have provided online visual exercises to clients since 2005 including international cricketers, Rolex Replica premier league footballers and major winning golfers. Through extensive data compilation, based on our work with elite athletes, sveye have create a training programs based around the unique visual demands of different sports. This allows sveye clients to work towards a sport specific standard set by their peers and potentially improve beyond this standard. These exercises are accessed through logging on to the sveye website, details of which are given following a thorough profiling of the visual performance system. Through the profiling we are then able to determine what visual exercises to give you and at what level to start you at. sveye monitor the progress of the visual training and tailor each level accordingly in order for the visual system to reach its full potential.


support the use of online visual exercises as a good way to train with ease and track progress. One Premier League goalkeeper improved his hand eye reaction time by 3/10ths of a second over a three month period following a sustained program of visual exercises. He also reported being much more spatially aware of what was going on around him. A highly decorated professional golfer reported being able to read greens more accurately, and crucially, throughout his entire round of golf, following a similarly sustained program of visual exercises.


can demonstrate how to utilize your new visual skills during training in any sport.

Critics of online exercises argue that the repetitive nature of the exercises prevent users from making improvements, as it is possible to memorise the correct sequence therefore creating inaccurate results. sveye have removed the possibility of repetition. Our sequences are randomly generated each time a user accesses the tests, so in order to advance to the next level of testing the visual system is pushed to work hard which leads to strengthening of the eye muscles.

The integration of visual exercises into sport specific training has been utilized in other parts of the world for a long time. Studies from South Africa have shown that sport specific visual exercises have a significant effect on athletes focus, tracking, vergence, sequencing, eye-hand co-ordination and visualization skills. sveye were the first sports vision providers to offer online exercises in the UK and Ireland and we have studied meticulously how other parts of the world have developed athletes vision in order to devise training programs, tailored to different sports allowing athletes to push their expertise further.

You may already be aware of visual aspects affecting your game but perhaps haven't paid much attention to its effect on your performance. Through; recognizing where vision effects performance you can start to implement new visual skills gained through sveye training.

Our online exercises and sport specific drills is that they can fit around your existing training schedule without taking up a lot of your time. The sveye program makes it easier to add an edge to your; performance without having to alter your schedule. Many of our clients complete their online exercises in the evening after training sessions. So there is a convenience aspect to online exercises as well as comprehensive tracking and understanding of each user's ability. sveye sport specific drills can be incorporated into your training as well as during play. Again, these drills don't add time consuming training sessions to your; day, they are developed specifically o slot in to your sports training. 15 to 20 minutes a day could ultimately make the difference between staying in the Premiership or being relegated, winning a golf tournament or making a cut or simply winning the bragging rights in the bar afterwards. Breitling Avenger Replica

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