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30th January, 2014

Kinetic Golf

Recently read Kinetic golf by Nick Bradley. Each page is accompanied by eye-catching images showing Bradley playing out his golfing tips i ramatic style. Of special interest to us is page 88 where Nick uses his superhuman laser vision to enhance his feel for the putt. Bradley suggests closing your eyes during and after the strike has occurred in order to get a feel for the putt Whilst this technique is undoubtedly great for feel and building muscle memory, the process immediately prior to this has involved information intake of which 85% has been through the visual system.

At sveyeFake Watches UK we agree that putting with your eyes closed will improve cognitive memory and enhance your other senses. However research would suggest that 85% of the information available to athletes is retrieved visually. Based orologi omega replica on your visual intake prior to closingyour eyes and taking the shot, you have already begun to set up your putt, making an informed decision from what you have viewed. Once the shot has begun we agree that feel becomes important in order to control your putter and tailor momentum to the shot requirements. Through our experience working with European tour golfers we have discovered that, in some cases,it is more comfortable for golfers to putt with their eyes closed as they have an underlying visual error. If you are closing your eyes to putt, maybe you should think about getting checked out. sveye would suggest that in order to ensur at this information gained prior to the commitment of the shot is accurate that a full profiling of the visual system is undertaken in order to identify the strengths and weaknesses inherent within that visual system. Of over 150 professional golfers only one person has had a perfect visual system who by coincidence was and is one of the best putters on the European Tour.Cartier replica vs original

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