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Bevis has had a varied background in Sport, Business and Coaching providing him with real life experience to draw on and use in his delivery of his achievement based training/coaching.

Bevis works to train and coach teams and individuals in a variety of settings from coaching professional golfers to delivering coaching/training specifically for coaches to help them improve their business performance and the results of their clients

As a trainer Bevis receives positive feedback for his personable style and the ability to both deliver key information whilst getting participants to learn new ideas in a relaxed manner. As one of only two coaches within the UK to be both a Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming and a Trainer of motivational mapping coaches who work with Bevis find that his unique approach enables them to really maximise their own learnings and translate that into real tangible performance results
If you want to improve the effectiveness of your coaching and the performance of your team/business then Bevis may be the right man to help

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