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Having specialised in the area of Sport Vision, sometimes Optometrists are at a loss as to how to further enhance their practice services with their new found qualification.
sveye sportsoft provides not only the answer but also a number of benefits to the private practitioner.
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1. A complete guide through all necessary tests to complete a thorough visual profile of the athlete - specific to their particular discipline.
2. Comparison against similar athletes results obtained throughout Ireland, UK and Europe including top professionals
3. On completion of the profile, the provision of a comprehensive report for the athlete/coach, with the recommendation of exercises dependant on the results.
4. Access for the athlete to the on-line visual exercises provided through this website.
5. The ability to become a licenced optometrist for sveye, a rapidly expanding company within the area of sport vision.
6. Benefit from further areas of product development as sveye continue to research and develop products to enhance and maintain their position in the sport vision market.
7. Receive support in areas of local and national marketing as well as generation of local contracts.
sveye sportsoft will be available soon and we will keep you updated
For further information, Optometrists should complete the Optometrists Form.
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